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Ok, but very limited Content

I like the General idea of a quick reference for the most Important phrases, the app itself is nicely programmed and very easy to use. The illustrations are nice and Japanese style. From is perspective it could be a 5 star app. Unfortunately the actual content provided by categories is fairly limited and could include far more phrases. The written Romagi is "as you speak" but does not reflect the actual written Japanese phrases. Additionally the references section does not include any spoken translations at all, which is sad. Counting as reference is nice but does not include "general" counting for items that can easily be used by foreigners to count any item. Since there are many irregular numbers it does not relay help to know the suffix for each type of item anyway. Please update and add more content.

Worth the price and more

I was a bit skeptical of this app after seeing the $5 price tag and trying out the FREE Mandarin one from another company that had poor audio. Let me tell you, this one is GREAT!!! The quality of the audio is fantastic and it has Flash Cards to show people if they do not understand you. Great coding and effort went into this program. I would like to see more full phrases in an update, but other than that, if you are looking to learn some Japanese (Or any of the other languages they support) then you cant beat Lingolook!!

Lots of nouns

This app is based on flashcards. Each card has 3 or 4 words or super short phrases along with good quality audio from a native Japanese speaker. Flashcards are relatively well organised and quick to flip through. Its meant to be a quick reference, not a comprehensive Japanese lesson. The cards cover the basics and include a few welcome surprises such as words for vegetarian, vegan and a few key words for those with disabilities. To put cards into the favorites section, you have to open the card many times. You cant see it once and put it into favorites. There are also a few reference sheets that help with numbers, menus, clothing and shoe sizes. The quality of the product is good quality in what it does provide. However, I was hoping for more phrases and less single words. Id like more verbs. I think that having this and a few free podcasts of language lessons should keep me reasonably well prepared for my trip to Japan.

No sound?

Why there is no sound? Its not in silent mode!

Great travel assistant!

Works very well, but I hope there are future updates including a dictionary and maps for Tokyo! Otherwise this app would have gotten full marks.

This App stopped to work when I updated to iOS4

Dont buy this app. It doesnt work anymore on the iphone. I tried to update to their latest release as well the latest iOS. The navigation menu us still there, but the card are blanks.

Very useful!

This app was indispensable several times during my trip. Easy to use. Absolutely recommended.

Too bad for money

Not useable

Great Program!

Loud and clear pronunciation. The best of the bunch. dont bother with the other programs, buy this!

sounds back

Once you turn the ringer on the phone on the sound works. I suggest to but a warning on the main screen to tell users that the sound wont work if theringer is off, the itunes download page is the only place this is mentioned.

Great Japanese language app

The interface to this program is absolutely beautiful and worth the price! Pronunciation is distinct and accurate. I wish the program had more phrases and advanced options. I would like to see the pronunciation of the the kanji shown as furigana to aid in learning.

Lingolook ROCKS!

I bought the Japanese version because I was coming to Japan and did not know a word of Japanese. Lingolook saved my life several times already! I got lost in the subway system, and if I did not have the iPhone with Lingolook with me, I would still be there! Easy to use, everybody understands me, and the Japanese love the cute pictures, which definitively scores points with them and predisposes them to help me more. Thanks to the developers!! I am going to France for vacation and I am buying the French version as well.

love this

I am learning Japanese in school and am going to Japan in a few weeks. In case I forget the pronunciation or the overall use of a phrase or word Im sure this will be with me.

Simple, Stylish, Fun and Handy

Very nice. This would be your best friend on a trip to Japan. Very simple once you turn your iPhone speaker on!

Great app!

I love this app! I just wish it would have more verbs and individual words.

Close to perfect, almost exactly what I was looking for.

Intermediate Japanese language student: What it has is perfect, they did an awesome job. Id give it 5 stars if it dazzled me with a much larger amount of content.

Awesome Japanese App!

This App is truly awesome. Like many other posters noted, the audio is supremely clear and easy to understand and spoken (by a native speaker) capturing the "essence" of exactly how the phrases are pronounced and said. The interface is very clean, very well done. This illustrations are artful, simple and beatiful. (It looks better on your iPhone than in the screenshots). My request for the publisher is to add more phrases & possibly the option to view the phrases in Hiragana only, since many people (me included) do not read Kanji yet. Great App though, sooooooo glad I bought this.

Very Limited

Was expecting more, you can put all the info that this app has on a couple note cards.

Very impressed!

Great app to quickly learn/review basic Japanese phrases. Very clean visual interface. Has not crashed at all. Had it a couple weeks now. Audio is clear and accurate. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good on-the-go phrase book or if your like me and looking for a review of things learned years ago that have slipped away from your memory. Big thanks for this app. would love to see more like this.

Handy app

Purchased china and japan, both of these are very handy when traveling. Easy to use and included the audio of the word, LOOKING forward on the korean version *pray*

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